My Crazy, out of control Muse!

Well the more I edit, the crazier my characters become.  I can’t control them anymore. LOL.  This might be a good thing except my muse, being the self centered angel that he is, likes to constantly compare himself to, uhm sparkly vampires and then remark (in my head) that he’s better.  Please someone kick his butt!  Just kidding.  I do enough of that in the second book, oooh, yeah the second book.  I have been writing down crazy scenes for Renegade.  Like for instance my heroine and secondary character (the one that thinks he’s going to steal the heart of the heroine) decide that a side spring break trip to Rome is a good idea.  So now I am going to have to do research on Rome.  But I have discovered interesting things that will take place in Rome, some crazy revelations.  Hmmm, I love writing.