Using horoscopes to define your characters

          Well, I never thought I would actually use a zodialogical chart thingy to develop my characters.  But when I realized I was having trouble in the middle of Broken, I knew I had to really dig to find out who my characters were.  Caleb has always been easier to grasp.  Ever since I started a notebook, recounting various scenes through his perspective, I understood his motivation and drive clearly.  Sarah was harder.  She needed more drastic internal conflict.  And she came across as two dimensional, that is until I figured out what her birthday was, April 12, 1989 for those interested.  After I came up with her birthday and Zodiac sign, I really could see her better.  Based on the Aries characteristics, I suddenly could visualize how she would react to certain situations, how she would banter a little more sarcstically with Caleb and her friends, and how her past haunted her and she blamed her self (typical open mouth insert foot/ I got my self in this mess mentality).  But just to see if other authors used this – trust me they do – my best friend and I sat down and tried to enter the birthdays of two very famous characters.  Guess what, they matched…she is virgo and he’s cancer…and if you know who I’m talking about then you can see why I am forever using astrological charts to get a head start on my characters.


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