Wicked Wednesday YA Know round 2

Wicked Wednesday GifThat’s right, it’s Wicked Wednesday YA Know. Continuing with last week’s blog, it’s time to put Kendal in the hot seat, like a teenager who just got caught taking a joyride in the family minivan!


Cate : So what drew you into YA and writing it?

Kendal : I think that Young Adult stories cover the themes I am most interested in writing about. As in self-discovery and life lessons. Yes, both of those could happen to a character at any age, but there is something special about experiencing the world for the first time.



Cate : Do you have any YA authors, current or past, that influence you, your writing, or that you just love reading?

Kendal : I have recently read Fake Boyfriend by Kate Brian, and it made me feel like a giddy 14 teen year old again! I can’t wait to make it to the bookstore and see what else she has out. The last book I finished was L.J. Smith’s Secret Circle. Hey! Maybe that’s a book we should do for one of our reviews.



Cate : So what are you currently working on?  Can you give us a tidbit?

Kendal : If you check out my blog www.kendalashby.blogspot.com you can read the first chapter of Melody’s Song. Melody is a muse and she is given her first assignment; to help Drew Peterson realize he’s pursuing the wrong career path. Rookie mistakes and family pressure soon mount up and Mel is afraid she’s falling in love. Successful completion of her first assignment will be bitter sweet because she knows she’ll have to leave Drew and the life she’s only begun to build. This is a short about self-discovery and about making decisions that go against what you’ve been taught.



Cate : So the Pretty in Pink question, did you go to Prom (or the equivalent of it)?

Kendal : Yup. Twice. I went to my grade 12 grad and also my OAC (in Canada it’s like a grade 13). I loved, LOVED my OAC grad dress. If I can find a picture I’ll post it for you. If you want a really interesting chat topic one day we should discuss prom dates. Oh man, do I have some interesting stories. lol



Cate : Since one of the biggest trends in YA fiction tends to be first love, what makes it fun to write about that experience?

Kendal : Who doesn’t love first loves? I enjoy exploring the intense beginnings and entire thought consuming relationships that have my characters thinking about Mr. Hottie 24/7. Sigh. What I remember the most about my first love ‘feelings’ was that they were huge! Big emotions. Big drama. I can remember feeling like every second apart felt incomplete. I was (and still am! Big kiss out to my man!) boy crazy.  

 Cate : MMMM boys!


Cate : What’s playing on your iPod right now?

Cate : Sorry…no iPod. I am a t.v. junkie! Seriously, anytime I can manage it, the t.v. is always on.



Cate : If you had had an iPod in high school what would you have loaded on there? (ie for me it would have been every INXS album, Madonna, Def Leppard and Duran Duran)

Kendal : Anything Country that isn’t too ‘old country’, also Madonna, Michael Jackson, Cher. Way too many to list here!

Thanks Kendal for sharing today.  Be sure to check out Kendal’s site here ’cause she’s got a partial up for the Reading Trail of her YA story Melody’s Song.


 So what’s your favorite YA book or author, past or present?  Did you devour Judy Blume and Beverly Clearly as a teen? I know I did.  Let us know, leave a comment.


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