Help Write Now

This time last year, Nashville was reeling from a major rainstorm that caused the Harpeth and Cumberland Rivers to flood 2/3 of Nashville. In response, the writing community rose to the challenge (sorry not a pun) and authors, agents, editors and all donated wonderful items for  bidding to raise money for the victims. It seems so astounding that a year later another violent wave of Mother Nature’s arm has wreak horror on the Southeast, this time in the form of even more devastating tornados. From the pictures, it appears that Tuscaloosa, Alabama was leveled to matchsticks and broken concrete.

Rallying to the cause, the writing community is once again offering fabulous donations and bidding to help the victims of the latest storms. You can donate out right or bid on some great prizes. This year I am participating – for sure with my fellow Music City Romance Writers in a group donation that promises a 50 page critique and a synopsis critique. Our group donation should be up for bidding later this week.

You can go here to Help Write Now and see all the great things for bidding.

Help the victims!