A little bit about Cate :

Cate currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee – and claims to be one of the few remaining natives of the city.  She spent five fabulous years in Knoxville, Tennessee matriculating at the University of Tennessee.  Go Big Orange!  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts and an unfinished major in History – concentrating on European and specifically British History.  After a six year hiatus, she returned to school at Middle Tennessee State University with the intention of finishing that degree in History with the intent to teach, but ended up as an assisant branch manager for a bank. 

Cate was introduced to creative writing in the Third Grade by her teacher Mrs. Little, and never stopped writing after that.  During senior year of high school, she put aside all her little ‘fan fic’ stories and began writing a story that would evolve into the epic historical novel that is still in progress today <grin>.  In high school and college, Cate wrote for the student paper, but quickly realized she preferred fiction.

What Cate writes :

Cate began with stories to entertain her friends in high school, creating stories including them and certain popular boys in bands, actors ,ect., and they enjoyed it.  Then she really fell in love with history and started writing historical fiction.  After she read and fell in love with Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander, she just knew this is what she wanted to do – write historical romances with strong adventure elements.

Then came paranormal.  “I love writing it, because it opens up so many possibilities to create new worlds, break the boundaries on typical characters, and just let you imagination fly.”  <grin>

And then Young Adult : “I never thought I would ever write Young Adult romance, but some how this story just popped into my brain demanding to be written, and it was the first manuscript that I had from start to finish.  And it felt so good to have that completed.”

How I write :  “It’s the scenes, the conversations, the characters that overtake my brain. I wish I was the type of author that could write out a synopsis and write with a plotting sheet. I am a slave to the muse and I must write what he reveals to me. Yes, my muse is a guy, and he tends to have black hair and blue eyes…

My tools : “iTunes it’s what playing. All. The. Time. My music playlist matches my stories. For the angels, I used lots of Foo Fighters and 30 Seconds to Mars, Evanescence and Within Temptation. I used old school 80s tunes from the Cure, The Cult, the Lost Boys Soundtrack, and The Church and Morrissey. Right now, I’m shifting into writing the Arthurian Knight tale, and I’ve been listening to Alex Band, Loreena McKennett, Dead Can Dance, and the Cranberries.”


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