Taking up Diva Jax’s challenge to make a collage based on your WIP.  I added a page devoted to Inspirations, starting with the copy of my poster board. 

This was fun, and really helped me visualize the story.  It always played as a movie in my mind as I wrote Broken, but now  I have cast the major characters and really fleshed out the story.

It took several photos to capture the entire poster board, so I hope that it will transpose as well as it looks on my living room floor!

2 thoughts on “Inspirations

  1. Wow! That’s brilliant! I’m so PROUD of YOU! I’ll be honest, I started my project and haven’t had any free time to finish, but I’m really going to try to this week. May go out of town but I shall finish it!

    That’s a beautiful job and I can really see how much thought you put into it. I hope the exercise helped you. As I mentioned this creative project is a great way to see the overall story and help you with those holes in the plot.

    Good Job!

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