I decided, that since my blog features primarily my YA writings, and I wanted to pimp my other writer friends’ release – that may or may not be PG – I would start a page specifically for pimpage!

Here are some releases….

I just love stories about theives!

Diamonds and Kisses

Diamonds and Kisses by Amy Redwood

Emma, a emerging singer, is the opening act for a diamond exhibition in Hong Kong. Life is good, or so she thinks, until she locks lips with a handsome stranger. From that moment on, she risks her career, relationship and heart to be with him.

Jack has to steal the world’s largest red diamond. Only for luck–he needs some badly–does he kiss the Irish redhead he meets during the flight to Hong Kong. A kiss seriously gone wrong, because she tastes like cherries and feels like forever.

Jack isn’t a forever guy. Besides, he has to take down the power grid in Hong Kong, steal the diamond and rid himself of the daughter of the head of a Chinese triad. Jack’s busy.

Careful, this title contains explicit language and graphic sex. Length: Novel

Buy it here.
Read an excerpt here.

Dara Englands new release
Dara England’s new release

This is from fellow writer Dara England, check it out. I love the premise, cause trust me how many times have I wished that oh say Jamie Fraser, Mr. Darcy or Edward Cullen just happened to fall out of the sky and land in my lap!!! Congrats Dara and goodluck.


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