Tribute to the passing of an era

Usually, I post about my writing and such, but tonight I had to share my thoughts on the passing of youth once and for all.  In 1984, I was ten years old.  At that age, I think you really start to remember things – the first cute boy you pass a note to, first fight with your parents, first time you snuck to watch a movie that had a bad word in it, ect. In 1984, I came into the start of who I am today.  In 1984, MTV took off and I snuck to watch it at my grandparents house every weekend.  And in 1984, Michael Jackson shaped my life. You can scoff, yeah in the last decade the world has watched one of the most talented performer’s life spiral out of control and end tragically.  But I bought Thriller 25th Anniversary tonight on iTunes, and I couldn’t help recall when I first got Thriller on vinyl.  That’s right Thriller was the very first album I ever had (cause I don’t count Rick Springfield’s Human Touch because my grandmother bought it becuase Thriller was sold out). So as I sit here listening to Thriller on my computer, I can’t help feeling like a ten year old again. And I realize that with the death of Michael Jackson, I feel part of my youth is finally gone.  I think I know now how people felt when John Lennon was killed or when Jerry Garcia passed away.  Music is such a vital part of life, it is our soundtrack connected to our memories. Sigh.  Rest in Peace, the Beat Goes On.