Excerpt Monday Round 2

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Excerpt Monday is the fabulous brain child of Mel and Bria.  To catch all the action, zip over to their site and check out other authors’ posts.  You can get there by going HERE.  And stay tuned…at the end of this excerpt is a list of everyone participating.
Just a little warning – while the characters are in high school, they do use foul language.  So, Ye Be Warned! 


Chapter 2


            “Heaven Nelson?”

            My eyes flicker forward as I raise my arm.  My iPod slips undetected from  my hand into my backpack.  I flip open my textbook, refusing to acknowledge the snickers that accompany my name.  I’ve come to expect it.  Heaven is a torturous joke because in reality I’m so far from it.

           Mr. Roberts teaches first period Ecology.  As the only senior in the class, I sit in the back row.  The freshmen are curious.   I’m annoyed because I’m not allowed to take chemistry, like the rest of my senior classmates. 

           Last year’s little explosion in the chemistry lab had no less than three of Chattanooga’s full size fire engines screeching across Baylor’s campus.  My father donated a healthy portion of my trust fund to pay for the damages and keep me in school until the end of the spring semester.  All with the promise my parents would enroll me elsewhere my final year.  Baylor was fun.  Probably one of the few boarding schools I enjoyed.  I found it easy to latch onto a bunch of earthy, hippie type kids with too much money…little parental supervision, and extremely creative ideas…  Meth lab on campus my ass.  Someone had the bright idea to experiment with the color spectrum of various chemicals – to see what burned what color.  The freaky Campbell kid tweaked and started mixing liquids of every sort, even the dangerous ones.  Poor guy lost his eyebrows, and he was lucky.

           So, I’m stuck in Ecology with a bunch of freshmen.  They take turns whipping their heads around to stare at me.  Thank God, it’s a small class.

           Roberts continues to call roll, and I doodle on my notebook.  I glance at the clock, counting the minutes till this class is over.  Not that my day gets any better.  European History is followed by Advanced French.  Lunch period for the entire school is from noon to one, after that I have my elective – Acting class – then study hall, and last is Senior English. 


            Ah… the dreaded cafeteria of a boarding institution; a cesspool of cliques, loners, faculty and misfits swirl into one grey glob as they scrutinize  each other as they pass.  I figure if I keep my head low that will be a deterrent.  I can’t be much of a curiosity to them.  After all, this is a delinquent depository and new students pop up all the time.  I take my tray of mystery casserole that slowly seeps into my corn tinged Jell-o and search for closest empty spot I can find.   Thank God that my milk’s in a sealed carton.

            Deep, rich mahogany tables fill the matching dark paneled dining hall.  The sunlight is the brightest thing that penetrates the room.  It pours in through long casement windows that arch to a point near the ceiling.   I feel like I’m in church.    

            To my dismay, my first goal to avoid contact upends – like a tray of food during a school fight – a minute after my uniformed butt hits the wooden seat. 

            “Nice shoes.”  A brunette slides her tray across from mine, and scoots her chair closer.  I look up to find her studying me with curious brown eyes.


            “Jillian Carothers.  What are you in for?”

            I stifle a groan.  I prefer to keep my past to myself.

            “This and that.”

            “Right.”  She opens her milk carton, and shoves a straw in it.  “So, what’s your name?”

            Picking up my fork, I focus on pushing around the questionable yellow-green glob.  I avoid her gaze, hating to watch people react to my name.

            “Heaven Nelson.”

            I hear her choke on her milk, a cross between a snort and a cough.  Good, I hope the milk went up her nose.

            “Heaven?  What kind of name is that?  I mean, it’s pretty and unique.” 


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It’s that time again!


Anne Hathaway as Jane Austen reading Twilight. Haahaa


Anne Hathaway as Jane Austen reading Twilight. Haahaa

That’s right, it’s almost Excerpt Monday again.  I’m so excited, since this will be my second month to participate.  If you want to catch up on previous posts, just jump over to Mel and Bria’s site, here.  Happy reading.

Excerpt Monday

pen, inkwell and paper


It’s Excerpt Monday!




Chapter 1


          Pemberly Preparatory is the last in a long line of elite boarding schools.  Don’t let the name fool you.  It’s not some enchanted country estate school with Bennetts, Bingleys and Darcys running around between teatime; it’s not even in England.  No, Pemberly Prep is a modern reform school for the uber rich.  A collecting house filled with the spoiled, misguided misfits and misbegotten youth – someone like my self.

          I never intentionally start trouble, it just seems to hone in on me.  I have a knack for always being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  This I attribute to my adventurous streak, coupled with my innate ability to pick up unsavory habits.  I can pick any lock in thirty five seconds flat – it’s been timed – boost a car, even a brand new Mercedes, and hack just about anything with an internet connection. 

          And I am too trusting.  That’s what gets me in these messes generally.  No matter what sort of clique I filter into, my past sneaks up and all of a sudden I’m corrupting upstanding students.  Never mind that nine times out of ten, it’s their industrious, little conniving minds that start the problem to begin with.  Whether it’s the captain of the cheer squad, the future valedictorian, the outcast loner or the geek patrol, they find me and all hell breaks loose.  I trust and they exploit.

          So, this is my final chance at actually graduating from high school.  I mean some semblance of a normal school, not that Pemberly resembles that in any shape or fashion.  But the final threat is military school – in Alaska.  Okay, just kidding.  But seriously, military school in some remote location like Montana.  This is my father’s sadistic plan.  My mother thinks juvie hall is even better, because maybe I will learn a lesson and it’s free.  Lucky for me, maybe, Pemberly promotes a policy of non-expulsions.  And there lies the taunting challenge.

          I will remain guarded, tight lipped and on my own.  This time I won’t have friends, and certainly not boys; they tend to be my Achilles’ heel.  Besides, it’s not like the students of Pemberly are the type to build a lifelong bond with anyway.  I just need to get through senior year, and then I’m free.

          The funny thing is, I completely and wholeheartedly blame my misdirected failure for love and attention on my parents.  I’ve clocked hundreds of hours in numerous detention halls, studying psychoanalysis and psychology.  The books say I lash out at the neglect.  My parents’ answer to my repeat offenses is to take extended personal vacations, have lavish affairs and throw money at me like they’re dousing a fire.  I have one hell of a kick-ass 5th Avenue wardrobe, too bad it’s of no use at Pemberly.  The compulsory uniform is black and white, a Massachusetts Puritan horror of colorless shirts, jumpers and skirts. 

          My first day of school I boldly lace up my cherry red sneakers – let’s see how many demerits I get for this one.


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