My New Fave TV Show

What’s on my iPod : To Lose My Life by White Lies



So I have become thoroughly addicted to the CWs Supernatural. It’s like the X-Files on crack, and I love it. I just started watching season 1, and I’m only about half way through.

But I love the witty exchnage between Sam and Dean. Which brings me to the question. Which one? I adore Sam for being so innocent yet ready to take down the evil things that go bump in the night. But I LOVE Dean, he’s the typical bad boy, tough on the exterior and a good guy on the inside.

So I decided I would blog every once in while about the neat things I discover on Supernatural, like this one : Well actually it’s not based on a comic book. But you can order two comics that are pre-quels. It shows dad hunting and what our favorite boys were doing…..


Yeah, I’d say Dean has some major issues!! But isn’t that awesome. I want to read the comics now. I just wish someone would come up with a way to put old comics on-line (hint, hint Apple) so that people can access them. It is virtually impossible and expensive to find old comics.