Do The Write Thing For Nashville

If you haven’t heard, Nashville – my beloved home – was hit by record flooding last week, May 1st and 2nd. It was so unexpected and so many people barely escaped the rising waters of the Harpeth and Cumberland Rivers. This past week has been both amazing and heartwrenching. The response to the clean up effort was fast. In fact in the neighborhoods in Bellevue that I’ve driven by just about all the debris has been hauled out of these homes. Cleaning up and cleaning out kept everyone’s minds focused, but now comes the hard part – rebuilding. It will be slower going I’m sure. And this is where the donations and relief effort are needed. So many people, friends, neighbors, customers of mine didn’t have flood insurance. And if they had Home owners insurance to cover thier possessions, well that doesn’t cover loss by flooding. All these wonderful people litereally have nothing but the clothes on their backs. So I’m posting this to let everyone know about this amazing auction going on. A group of writers – Victoria Schwab, Myra McEntire, and Amanda Morgan, organized a website to auction writerly things to raise money for relief aid to Nashville Flood Victims. And the publishing community across this great nation jumped in whole heartedly. Check it out, there’s even a signed sheet from Twilight with Rob Pattinson’s signature – you may have to out bid me for that one.

Here’s the address, please help Nashville and bid or donate directly to the Red Cross.

Do the Write Thing For Nashville : HERE

Red Cross Nashville relief site : HERE

Here are some pictures I took on my phone from the Beech Bend Neighborhood just the other night. They aren’t great, but it shows you what it looks like all over Bellevue and pretty much all of Middle Tennessee. It looks like  a war zone.

After the Flood cleanup in Bellevue, a mountain of the inside insulation, drywall and personal possessions of one person's home in Bellevue - home after home on just one street.